Proud of everything we have built

Speech of Mr Ratomir Todorovic, general manager of the company, delivered during the ceremony of marking of 70th anniversary of the company – January 2018

PLANUM is a company with extensive business experience and know-how to apply the most appropriate technical and technological solutions to build, expand and reconstruct airports of all categories and with all pavement surface types, and also air bases, roads and railroads, road, railway and hydraulic tunnels, special purpose underground facilities, concrete and earth-fill dams, and urban infrastructure facilities.

PLANUM was established on January 14, 1948, as a company specializing in building military airports. In the early '60s of the previous century it expanded its works to include civil engineering construction and hydraulic engineering projects, which paved the way to obtaining jobs overseas.

Throughout seven decades of successful business operations, PLANUM has carried out projects all across the former Yugoslavia and on three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa.

The company has shared the fate of its home country. The first four decades were marked with progress and prosperity. Then followed the years of wars and economic crisis, the country breakup , international sanctions. In parallel, big changes were taking place in markets across the world, including those where PLANUM had major projects ongoing. The company had to cope with the circumstances which ensued the breakup of the Soviet Union and war clashes in Kuwait, Iraq and Angola. The continuity of projects overseas was ensured in the Russian Federation, by the PLANUM management.

Over the past 70 years, our engineers, technicians and workers have built a significant number of large and important facilities. We are proud to say that our portfolio includes more than 40 modern local, federal and international airports in the former Yugoslavia, Syria, Jordan, Zambia, Kuwait, Iraq, Angola, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, air bases in Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, and Angola. Further, we have built more than three hundred kilometers of motorways and more than 1500 kilometers of highways, regional and local roads in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Zambia, Syria, Iraq, Angola, Djibouti, Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation. Furthermore, kilometers of railway substructures, tunnels and bridges and auxiliary objects, large underground shelters, and facilities and reservoirs for military use. Also, the dams built in Jordan, Cambodia, Guinea, and Yugoslavia. Also, large number of urban infrastructure facilities in Serbia, Zambia, Angola, and the Russian Federation.

PLANUM's reputation acquired in airport construction projects along with its status as one of the leading civil engineering companies in the Balkans and Europe, has earned it a ticket for the markets in the territory of the former Soviet Union (the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan).

As a special success we consider the fact that PLANUM has been awarded jobs throughout the Russian Federation. The largest number of facilities has been built in Siberia, in the far northern and northeastern parts of the Russian Federation, in extreme weather, where the soil is ever frozen.

In the period of 20 years, from 1994 to 2014, in these countries PLANUM was engaged in works on more than 100 larger and smaller objects of air and road transportation , regarding the construction, expansion of airports, roads and bridges, and urban infrastructure.

Owing to our expert and experienced staff, permanent professional training and investments in equipment and machinery, we have been successfully building important public facilities for 70 years now. The quality of executed projects and commitment to work, along with the confidence of clients and business partners, has been our most important reference for new projects and new markets.

Throughout its long history, the company has existed in various organizational and legal forms. Today, it operates as a private-owned, joint stock company – CC “Planum”, JSC.

In 70 years of it’s existence , a total of 19,000 people have been employed with PLANUM, many of whom have spent their entire careers with the company. Taking their family members into account, PLANUM's importance for the country's economy stands even greater. PLANUM has awarded scholarships to hundreds of engineers and production, construction and mechanical engineering professionals. It could be said that we have been a mine of expert and skilled employees, many of whom still work at our construction sites across the globe.

The company was founded to carry out important strategic projects, the mission we have lived up to throughout seven decades of successful business operations in the country and abroad.

Logos from year 1948, 1987 and 1978