Hydrotehnical Structures

In our country and abroad, we have constructed several significant structures in this field.

  • This includes the following:
  • Earth and rock fill dam "King Talal" in Jordan (4.2 millions m3 of material has been placed in the dam while in overflow, intake structure and other auxiliary structures over 86,000 m3 of concrete has been built-in)
  • Earth dam "Kirirom" in Cambodia
  • Earth dam "Banieya" in Guinea
  • Concrete dam "Parmenac" near Čačak, Serbia
  • Earth dam "Alagovac" near Nevesinje, Bosnia and Herzegovia
  • 7.7 km long tunnel belonging to hydrotechnical system "Globočica", Macedonia
  • Rehabilitation of the lake Zlatibor, Serbia,including the water gate and intake structures.