Underground Structures and Tunnels

We have constructed underground structures of all kinds and purposes: military structures, highway and railway tunnels, hydrotechnical tunnels, underground railway stations and shafts.

A prominent place belongs to underground military factories, shelters with cross-section area up to 160 m2 with all auxiliary facilities and installations.

We have executed underground structures with total area around 310,000 m2 such as:

  • Military Structures "Bihać"
  • "Fruška Gora"
  • "Ponikve"
  • "Užice"
  • "Bistrica"
  • Underground Railway Station "Vuk's monument" in Belgrade
  • 115 tunnels total length of 66km.

Cross-section of 30-60 m2 as follows:

  • tunnels on the railway "Belgrade-Bar" (the longest is Zlatibor 6,169.5 m long)
  • tunnels within the frame of Belgrade railway junction "Dedinje", length 6,160 m, "Rakovica" 535 m long
  • tunnel "Križevići" on Tuzla - Zvornik railway line, lenght 4,912 m
  • tunnel "Vrmac" on Kotor - Tivat road, length 1,750 m
  • tunnel "Stambolčić" na putu Sarajevo - Pale, length 600 m
  • tunnel "Trifković" (1,700 m) on Valjevo-Loznica railway
  • tunnels "Železnik" (690 m)
  • Lipak (600 m) on the Motorway around Belgrade
  • under construction reconstruction of 13 tunnels on Niš - Pirot road in Sićevačka klisura total length of 1,029 m
  • 3.8 km of vertical and inclined shafts from 3 to 6 m diameter where pumping station "Tašmajdan", 37 m deep is the most important structure.