Airfields, tunnels, motorways, roads, arterial roads, railway lines, bridges, dams, buildings...

Projects for which the Planum has been a recognized name in the construction industry are  airports and tunnels. In countries of the former Yugoslavia, most of these objects were the work of our company.

At that time, the former Yugoslavia has emerged from a period of stagnation into which it fell during the WWII, which was reflected in the increased volume of construction ventures, which were largely taken over by Planum.

Today, the name Planum is mainly associated with the construction and reconstruction of the airports. We are proud to mention that our company is one of the greatest contractors of this type of works. What we do not mention by the end in our list of completed structures are the data related to the construction of secret military facilities performed by Planum quite a lot in the previous period.

It should be noted that, when it comes to the highways carried out in the countries of former Yugoslavia, Planum leads among domestic enterprises. From the above, it is not surprising when we note, that today, there is not a single larger infrastructure project in the country, in which Planum does not participate.