Airports and airforce bases

Since we were founded, we have constructed 37 state-of-the-art civil and military airports and 4 air bases.

In the very beginning we exclusively constructed military airports, but in the mid fifties Planum completed its first two larger scope civil international airports: Belgrade and Podgorica.

In the mid sixties the company started constructing military and civil airports abroad as well as civil airports Rijeka and Dubrovnik in former Yugoslavia.

We also constructed military airports Kleiate in Lebanon, Hamma in Syria, Mafrak in Jordan and Zambia in Zambia, and the civil airports Ndola, Luangwa and Mbala in Zambia.

During the seventies, the construction of big air force bases in Kuwait, Iraq and Angola began and Planum executed not only the airport operational surfaces, but entire modern air force bases.

The nineties were marked by construction and reconstruction of airports in the Russian Federation such as: Kemerovo, Chita, Bratsk, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk.

In the last ten years reconstructions of three airports in Serbia - Lađevci, Batajnica and Niš - have been successfully performed.

Executed projects:

Military airports in former Yugoslavia and Serbia:

  • Batajnica
  • Niš
  • Kraljevo
  • Tuzla
  • Pula
  • Mostar
  • Podgorica
  • Kraljevo (reconstruction)
  • Batajnica (reconstruction)

Civil Airport in Yugoslavia and Serbia:

  • Podgorica
  • Beograd
  • Tivat
  • Žabljak
  • Rijeka
  • Priština
  • Dubrovnik
  • Skoplje
  • Ivangrad
  • Beograd (reconstruction)
  • Niš

Military air bases in former Yugoslavia and Serbia:

  • Bihać

Civil airports abroad:

  • Ndola - Zambia
  • Luangwa - Zambia
  • Mbala - Zambia
  • Kemerovo - Russian Federation
  • Chita - Russian Federation
  • Bratsk - Russian Federation
  • Chelyabinsk - Russian Federation
  • Magnitogorsk - Russian Federation

Military airports abroad:

  • Kleyate - Lebanon
  • Hamma - Syria
  • Mafraq - Jordan
  • Zambia - Zambia

Military air bases abroad:

  • Ahmadi - Kuwait
  • Balad (Project 202-C) - Iraq
  • Lubango - Angola