Services of testing the construction products and soil mechanics tests

The Quality Control Department of GP Planum AD is a laboratory accredited by the Accreditation Authority of Serbia and it provides the services of testing the construction products: aggregates, mineral filler, bitumen, cement, asphalt mixture, concrete as well as soil mechanics tests.

Aside from the tests carried out in the Central Laboratory, this department also performs field tests using its trained staff and adequate equipment.

The laboratory employs competent technical staff, trained to operate specific equipment and trained to process the results of measurements and tests, analyze the obtained results and provide the expert opinion.

The objective of the Laboratory is to provide services of the highest quality at affordable prices.

The services we provide are characterized by precision and dedication of our extensively experienced staff.

The activity of the Laboratory has always been registered in the register of companies as a guarantee of the quality of executed works.

The list of the tests we carry out can be seen in the Scope of Accreditation.

Quality Control Department (Laboratory) of GP "Planum" AD Beograd, 11000 Belgrade, Savski nasip bb, Telephone: +381 11 3016620, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..