Complex objects engineering, expertise and management of projects of any complexity...

Planum is nowadays the largest construction company in Serbia that performs works in civil engineering, as well as one of the strongest in the region. What sets us apart from similar companies is our human potential.

Over the years, our company has provided scholarships for many students of the Faculty Civil Engineering in Belgrade and currently in its composition in the country and abroad it has:

  • Graduate civil engineers and surveyors: >30
  • Graduate electrical and mechanical engineers: >20
  • Engineers and technicians of civil engineering and survey: >20
  • Engineers and technicians of electrical and mechanical profession: >10
  • Graduate economists and jurists: >10
  • Economists and administrative workers: >10
  • Highly-skilled and skilled construction workers: >120
  • Highly-skilled and skilled electrical and mechanical workers: >50
  • Semi-skilled and unskilled construction workers: >250
  • Semi-skilled and unskilled electrical and mechanical workers: >80
  • Skilled workers of other professions: >50

The company, in addition to human resources, also has a remarkable material capital, necessary for everyday work, as well as accommodation and retreat of its employees.